Japlo Story

Our baby care products are designed to promote the health and comfort for both baby and parents. Aid in the baby’s growth and development while maintaining hygiene and safety. Our specially designed products, aid in self-feeding and anti-colic, have won multiple design awards. We are committed to manufacturing products that consistently meet the highest safety and quality standards.Img

why Japlo?

Japlo Mission

Japlo stands for Joy, Attention, Positive, Love and Openness.

Shower them with Joy

Little Trips to the park, play a game, a simple outing to the mall. That’s all it takes to bring joy to your child.

Assure them with Attention

Listen when they talk, answer when they ask and show interest in their activities.

Teach them to be Positive

Do not belittle a failed attempt! Encourage, motivate and praise for work well done.

Cultivate Love Teach

them to respect and love all living things and to appreciate the world around them.

Encourage Openness

Instill the importance of honesty and the freedom of expression.

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Trademark Patent

Japlo baby products started their debut in the international market in 1958. With its strong chain in global distribution, Japlo successfully expanded their niche in the global market. The products are currently being distributed in more than 30 countries, mainly in the Middle-East, Africa, South America, and Southeastern Asia. To ensure the standard compliance, their products have been certified by internationally accredited bodies for reliability and durability.


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