Takaso is the largest baby products manufacturer in Malaysia

Takaso is the largest baby products manufacturer in Malaysia

Situated in Ledang, Johore, Takaso Rubber Products is the largest baby products manufacturer in Malaysia. With 2 Acres worth of manufacturing space, Takaso rubber continue to strive as the pandemic rages on.

The main products of Takaso is the brand Japlo. Japlo is a home grown baby products brand that is popular among the local market. With multiple innovative product such as the Easy grip bottle, multiple types of pacifiers and a in-house proprietary material, the polyglass.

From a humble beginning, Takaso has grew leaps and bounds and into the 21st century. Takaso started as a trading company that sells almost every household item that you can imagine. As the business expanded, Takaso started from a static trading company to a more effective (at least back then) Van sales. Instead of staying in the office, Takaso employ a more aggressive tactics of selling items straight to shops that are in rural area. Thus, until now, small shops in rural area maintain a strong sales channel for the products of Takaso.

During the Van sales period, Takaso found out that household products are very popular and in demand and started production of household items. The popularity of one brand, Japlo is such that Takaso dedicated a line of production to it. As the years goes by, as the latex industries getting more matured in Malaysia, Takaso started producing condoms to the market.

After toiling for some years, Takaso is now the biggest baby products factory in Malaysia and strive to grow in other countries. Currently, the Indonesia factory is supplying to the Indonesia market with options to expand too.

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