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 Quick & Easy Long Shock Gel & Tiger  

Long Shock Gel
Romantic Long Shock Gel is a lubricant that can be used together with a condom.
Designed for prolonged love making, it improves your love making experience
Maximum pleasure for you and your partner
Tiger Type Condom
Lubricated (Non Medicated), Pink Colour Natural Rubber Latex Textured Condom with Anatomic Shape and Reservoir for extra sensitivity and satisfaction.
Electronically tested.
Hermetically sealed. Width 52mm.
  • Strong and robust packing to protect the condom from mechanical damage.
  • Contains thick aluminium foil at the top and durable polymer film at the bottom.
  • Hermetically sealed to extend the shelf life of the condom.
  • Safety
  • Strong packing provides a secure place to keep condom before use.
  • The international standard requires a safe and strong condom which Quick & Easy packing can provides
  • Sexy
  • Revolutionary aerodynamic shape evokes vision of sexual fantasies.
  • The appearance looks like a sexy body body in front of you which arouse your desire.
  • Share the special experience with your partner which will bring both of you to a quality
    1. Revolution packing
    2. Modern lifestyle
    3. Easy to keep and carry
    4. Classy and premier
    10 Pcs Per Pack
    Inner Packing
    12 pkts/inner box
    24 inner box per carton
    Carton Dimension
    510 x 400 x 382mm



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