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Venus, Berlin 13. 2010 Exhibition
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Romantic Condom Manufacturer
  Latex tapped from rubber trees in Malaysia is the vital ingredient in the manufacture of condoms. The latex high consistency quality invariably attains Malaysian-made condoms the label as leader in the industry.
Width Thickness Length Vacuum Leak Testing Machine

The unrolled condom is put over the edge of a steel ruler with a scale graduated in milimetres and allowed to hang freely. Condom is within 35mm when laid flat, measured from the open end. ROMANTIC CONDOM measures a width of 52mm ± 2mm.

The double-wall thickness of the ROMANTIC CONDOM shall be determined with a micrometer dial gauge for the controlling of thickness.
The length of an unrolled condom is determined by it being suspended over graduated mandrel. The length of the ROMANTIC CONDOM (excluding the teat) measures at least 170mm.
The machine is used to test integrity of packages under vacuum. A defined vacuum is first generated in the vacuum chamber to measure the integrity for the evaluation of the leak-proofness of the foil packing to assure that seals are intact.

The condom plant is designed and built to comply to Good Manufacturing Practices and is a major influence in its development. At the production level, the management always strive for excellence and to comply to most of the countries quality assurance standards. International standards already complied are ASTM, BSI, ISO, EN, CCCLP, etc. All these standards are made possible with the installation of sophisticated production machinery and testing facilities. Under the innovative production management, a systematic and computerized system of production were introduced to increase efficiency, productivity and quality control.

Freedom From Holes Bursting Pressure Tensile Strength & Ultimate Elongation  
An equipment suitable for mounting the condom at its open end, allowing it to be freely suspended. Filling of the condom with 300ml of water for 1 minute and examination for water leakage through the wall of the suspended condom. Remove the condom from the mount and close the open end by twisting the material near the rim and roll the condom back and forth once. Inspect the signs of leakage of water from the condom. The bursting pressure shall be not less than 1.0kPa and the bursting volume shall be minimum value of standard requirement (for example, 18dm3). The sample of the condom is hang on the rod and fix to the mount. Air is inflated into the condom and ensure it is expanded. Measure the bursting volume and the pressure when it burst. ROMANTIC CONDOMs measure at least 18dm3 Ring specimen perpendicular to the length direction of the condom with a die having cutting edges 20 ± 0.1mm in the region of not less then 70mm from the open end. ROMANTIC CONDOMs measure at least 17MPa in tensile strength and 700% for ultimate elongation before and after ageing.  


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